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Need your opinion!

Hey guys!  I am conducting research for a research class on bisexual women and their roles in society….but guess what I really don’t know many bisexual people!  So if any of you guys are bisexual and would like to voice your opinion confidentially, please inbox me!  My questions revolve mostly around how bi women feel in the gay community, straight community, etc. 

Thank you so much!!! : )

And if you don’t want to participate, let’s be friends anyway!  I apparently need more bi friends in my life.

anotherkinseyresearch submitted


I like the firm touch of a man.
But i like the tender touch of a woman.

Well before i go on an angry rant, i must first explain that i was raised on a very unusual and different lifestyle than most people.

 Clubs. Strippers. Boobs.Dick.Loud Music.The smell of weed.  The smell of liquor. girls kissing girls.

blah blah blah I was very educated or all matters of any of that well by the time i was 8. So I’m pretty well embraced on everything that goes down in the Malibu night life.

        But what you wouldn’t know…. is a different life other than the one I have been living. As you all know this really is the only life that i have lived, that i am aware of so I don’t really understand the concept of not accepting certain races or orientations any who…
 I was talking to an old friend of mine who just came out to her parents and she was telling me how her parents were completely disgusted and shocked that she was bi sexual. After hearing much more of what her parents said I felt like throwing up.

    Guess when you’re raised a catholic in butt-fuck-nowhere, population nearing 200 people in a town and 89% white people you wouldn’t understand but its like explain why this is classified as disgusting to you?? why is it how is it wrong?

            and for those of you that have a legit answer to that.
                                read the rest of this first:

                         I was born as a christian-sweetheart.
                          I was raised on all sorts of religions.
                  I practiced Christianity for a few years. religiously.
                        I leaned towards Buddhism and Judaism.
                and now im just simply half christian half spiritualist.

   I never grew up hearing  girls with girls is wrong.
or even boys with boys is wrong. Because I remember when my mother told me she used to be bi sexual until she married my father.And I didn’t care because I was raised knowing

                                What’s right is, love.

Recently. i let my grandmother read my blogs and profile so she could get a little bit what im about on this myspace thing and of  course it states numerous times about my bi sexuality

I never came out to her because I truly didn’t think it was necessary. Like, who gives a shit right? I was skimming over, watching, watching what she was reading, and the statement,

                ” I am bisexual and have nothing to hide”

       floats across her eyes and I’m just like “fuck” and she just reads it like the statement said ” I like the color pink”

                        she seriously did not give a damn.

                              why are you bisexual?

 Ever since about…probably 5th grade, I was frustrated because I couldn’t tell if i was a lesbian? but it didn’t make clear sense because i liked this guy in class. but yeah i had an eye for girls? all  the time? and it didn’t make clear sense to me until 7th grade when i was like “oh shit.I’m bisexual. so that’s what it is”

I love the feeling of being protected by a man, having his strong arms around my waist and give me massages and defend me and take care of me and just spoil me to death.

                             but at the same time

I love the feeling of being loving and cute to a girl with a gentle touch but fire burning in her eyes. And when im the one that takes care of her and defends her and spoils her and gets bitched at for leaving socks on the floor, and having soft,gentle hands run down my back.

 just like having a favor for guys, i have a favor for girls.
 just because a girl messages me saying “you’re fucking hot” is just is equal to me as some random guys messaging me.
Girls who are in it because lesbian intimacy turns them on…they are classified as bi curious. which a lesbian relationship makes you uncomfortable. yet the intimacy doesn’t.

I’ve had just as many girlfriends as boyfriends.
Just as many heart breaks as the other.

I’ve had to teach myself and teach close friends
that loving both genders is positively okay.
 we’re all of the human species, no?

I’m going to leave this blog off with one last thing….
if you feel the need to argue with my beliefs, there is a delete button on my page. right?
                                    these are my opinions.
                                     these are my thoughts.
                                     these are my beliefs.
 just like you, i have them. yes. believe it or not im human. ha!
-Mischa Gregordson

My whole grade knows I’m bisexual


There’s this girl who is openly against gays and bisexuals, using the well-loved “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” argument. My extremely religious friend didn’t talk to me for a week before she decided that God loves everyone so she could too sticks up for me everytime. Her ability to look past my sexuality and hold onto our friendship GMH.

Submitted to LGBTQ-GMH by nowimeverybodysfool.

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