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The Genderqueer flag is a new design created by Marilyn Roxie (neonsigh). You can read more info on GQ on Wiki.


As no standard GQ flag appeared to exist (though there are gay/lesbian pride, bisexual, and transgender flags), I decided to create one! The lavender color is to represent the combination of blue and pink (included in the trans flag and also traditional male and female colors), the green is the inverse of this color and meant to represent those who go beyond gender binary identities, white stands for androgynous, as well as neutrality.

The lettering is a GQ symbol (Futura Bk Bold font) I made so the letters intersect. If you like the design of this flag, please like and reblog! I have other ideas about it’s usage (such as how the white strip down the side could be used for individuals / groups of people to insert gender and orientation symbols), though these are still in development. Send your questions, suggestions for alternative designs, and comments to:

!!! Genderqueers have a flag now? Yesss!!! What do you all think?

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    Heard that you’d done this so thought I’d take a gander. I’m not too sure about the white stripe on the right hand side...
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    Ooo, I’m not genderqueer, but I really like this. :]
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    Hey there! I like that one too, the equal sign idea is cool. I will keep that in mind. :D I thought about taking the...
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    I don’t really like the letters GQ being on it. also kind makes it hard for hanging in different directions/need to know...
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    !!! Genderqueers have a flag now? Yesss!!! What do you all think?
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