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Anonymous asked:

Hi, I recently met a girl who has made me question my sexuality. I am 19 (almost 20) and have always considered my self straight but when I met her, something changed. She lives abroad and I live in the US but we talk constantly and when we were together, we were insepearable. I find myself not being able to stop thinking about her and when I think back to our last night together (when we were extremely touchy), my heat flutters. Any advice would be wonderful! xx

Personally, I am a very emotional-heartfollowing type of a person. If I were in your shoes, I’d run with the good feelings and talk to the girl about it. But I recognize that you aren’t me—so, all I can say is that you should follow your gut feelings.

or, if you aren’t too good with your gut,

What feels like the right thing to do? What do you want to do? What do you think you should do? How could all of these actions affect your future? 

There really isn’t an easy answer that’ll help you out in times like these… all you have is yourself as a guidebook, so good luck! 

xx, June

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