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Anonymous asked:

hi, you probably get plenty of questions like this, but i've been awfully troubled lately and thought you could help, because i'm not really sure if i'm pansexual or bisexual based on the technical definition? Its like, when i'm in love with someone, their appearance, genitalia, sexual orientation and gender identity are completely irrelevant. when i'm attracted to someone, its usually based only on their appearance. if you can help me out here, i'd really appreciate that. thank you.

it’s really up to you to figure that one out. no one knows you better than you do. thus how you label yourself is your decision. 

it’s often very difficult to fit yourself perfectly into one label or another, because they are often very flat and one-dimensional, while you aren’t. when you try to fit a person’s sexuality into one or two sentences, you are going to neglect a lot of the little details that make it what it is. 

so the best you can do is choose something that you like with the choices you have, make up something new, or simply not use a label. 

i hope this helps. 


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