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[Image: Photo of the famous Bisexual Caribbean-American Author and Activist the late June Jordan laughing, with the following quotation from her work, I do believe that the analogy for bisexuality is a multicultural, multi-ethnic, multiracial world view. Bisexuality follows from such a perspective and leads to it, as well.”]

Bisexuals are individuals who transgress the artificial socially constructed boundary of gender identity as well as the biologically constructed boundary of sex. Called “Gatekeepers” by the Dagara of West Africa and “Two Spirit” by many Native Americans, bisexuals in these cultures were seen as having a special spiritual inheritance and earthly destiny”

From June Jordan: Boundary Crosser by Reverend Irene Monroe published 20 March 2008 in The Bilerico Project




Hello friends Gus here with a proposal: buy porn, help me get top surgery! I have made an 11 page pen and ink zine featuring a private meeting between Ishmael and the mute mick, a cis guy and a trans guy. It includes fingersucking, oral, frotting, powerplay, and some mild to moderate makeouts. Pay what you want, and if you donate $20 or more include your address so I can send you a hard (heh) copy! More than $30 and I’ll draw you a thing in your copy! More than that and I’ll probably hand-deliver it to your house and then make you dinner or something. We’ll work it out.

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Bisexual YouTube RJ Aguiar star sets the record straight on sexual orientation in epic rant

"Why don’t you just come out as gay already?"

YouTube viral sensation R.J. Aguiar is known for speaking his mind in a series of hilarious videos that tackle everything from sex to gay slang to pumpkin carving. Aguiar uses his unique style of commentary to setting the record straight on his bisexuality.

It’s not a stepping stone | Follow micdotcom 

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